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Carbon Emissions

Hampton Printing is committed to minimising the contribution it makes to climate change though the continuous improvement of its production, recycling and recovery systems. The company is working to achieve full carbon balancing within practicable time scales.

In particular we are:

  • identifying, monitoring and managing direct and indirect emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. These include those created by energy consumption at each stage of the print production process and in offices and warehouses
  • reviewing our business travel and logistics arrangements with our customers and suppliers to minimise the number of required journeys
  • aiming to minimise waste produced by our activities and increasing the amount of waste that can be recycled or reused
  • investigating the feasibility of purchasing energy from renewable sources and where practicable, introducing them into the company
  • working to achieve a reduction in carbon (or equivalent) emissions
  • working with suppliers to identify and limit emissions attributable to products and where practicable help them to develop low carbon product options
  • introducing policies for offsetting carbon (or equivalent) emissions of our products and services. These will be in addition to carbon reduction initiatives
  • we will review our policy annually

Managing the carbon emissions is a long-term commitment for Hampton Printing Limited that will only be realised through a step-by-step approach using the best available techniques, technologies and information at each stage.

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